Violence Risk Mediation

In response to red flags, or if an employee's behavior suggests a risk of violence, there are clear steps a business, school district or department can take.

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What is violence risk mediation?

Through evidence-based procedures and standardized tools designed to identify past and current risk factors, a violence risk assessment evaluates individuals' potential danger to themselves or others.

In some cases, providers such as Atlantic OccuPsych also offer risk management guidance to help prevent future violence.

The Atlantic OccuPsych difference

Atlantic OccuPsych forensic psychologists draw upon structured professional judgment and actuarial decision making approaches to identifying and gauging potential risk. We overlay test results and analytics with experienced insights to ensure that all relevant inputs are evaluated within the broader context of an individual's specific circumstances.

Upon completing a violence risk assessment, our licensed psychologists reach further, providing mediation recommendations to help reduce violence risk.

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