Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Atlantic OccuPsych appreciates the tremendous pressure on public safety employees and departments, as well as healthcare, education and other industries, and we are committed to ensuring that each fitness for duty evaluation (FFDE) is performed with exacting detail and care.

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What is an FFDE?

An FFDE is a specialized medical exam in which a third-party psychologist reviews all available background information, including employer reports and evidence, performs psychological testing, and conducts an in-depth evaluation of an employee who has demonstrated evidence of concern regarding their abilities to perform essential job functions due to a suspected medical or psychological condition.

FFDEs are a valuable tool for employers seeking to assure workplace safety and address potential issues in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Police
  • Public safety
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Safety-sensitive positions in any industry

The Atlantic OccuPsych difference

Fitness for duty evaluations are highly specialized and require specific expertise in order to minimize risk to an employer and provide legally defensible evaluations and opinions.

In addition to providing the necessary qualifications, Atlantic OccuPsych assures strict adherence to current standards and best practices in order to assess an employee's psychological functioning and level of impairment relative to their ability to perform essential job functions. In fact, senior personnel at Atlantic OccuPsych are deeply involved in developing best practices for FFDEs, including co-authoring current guidelines.

Because there are detailed guidelines around when and how an FFDE may be performed, Atlantic OccuPsych offers a complimentary pre-FFDE consultation. That way, you can be confident that the legal threshold has been met and reduce exposure to litigation while ensuring all parties’ needs are met.

Contact Atlantic OccuPsych for more details about our approach to fitness for duty evaluations or a free pre-evaluation consult.

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