Psychoeducational Wellness Contacts

The impact of ongoing exposure to stress and trauma on employees is finally getting the attention it deserves. First responders and others in high-risk roles can no longer be expected to remain silently resilient throughout their careers.


What are are psychoeducational wellness contacts?

Simply put, a psychoeducational wellness contact is a friendly, confidential conversation with a licensed professional—an occasional or annual wellness check. These contacts give employees opportunities to explore challenges and develop coping skills with the goal of improving their quality of life on and off the job.

The Atlantic OccuPsych difference

At Atlantic OccuPsych, our licensed psychologists offer extensive experience with clients in a variety of public safety and emotionally challenging roles, from law enforcement to the postal service's child exploitation unit.

We work with agencies to help develop mental health wellness initiatives and foster support-and-sustain programming. These programs can be designed to your specific needs, such as:

  • Availability for as-needed or ongoing check-ins and educational counseling
  • Annual wellness initiatives
  • Post-critical incident contacts to mitigate potential adverse effects

These services can be provided to full teams, such as within police departments, or members of specialized units, such as child exploitation.

Contact Atlantic OccuPsych to explore how psychoeducational wellness contact programming can be tailored to support your employees' health and well-being.

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