Public Safety and Police Assessments

Ensuring that candidates meet psychological suitability requirements is critical to the safe, effective operation of police departments and other public safety organizations.

Paramedics and firefighters at car accident

What are public safety and police assessments?

An expert police and public safety psychologist can have diverse roles in supporting department or agency operations. This can range from assisting in screening out potential employees who pose risk or are poorly suited for the position to screening in those with dispositional personality traits commensurate with essential job functions.

Furthermore, stress and the demands of the job can at times overwhelm employees and a fitness for duty evaluation may be warranted. Maintaining an impaired employee at work may do a disservice to the department or agency, community, and even the employee. Having an expert familiar with how to navigate these factors is of tremendous value.

The Atlantic OccuPsych difference

Atlantic OccuPsych forensic psychologists are nationally recognized experts in police and public safety psychology. We rely on reliable, scientifically validated methods and current best practices to provide a wide range of psychological assessments and support.

What’s more, Atlantic OccuPsych can act as a single source for occupational health services through:

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