Forensic Psychology and Occupational Health Services

Atlantic OccuPsych provides a full range of occupational health services provided by experts and licensed psychologists and guided by current best practices.

Third-party, independent and objective professional assessments of mood and anxiety, trauma disorders, the simulation of impairment/malingering, and more for personal injury and workplace injury claims.
Specialized medical exams to determine whether a psychological challenge may prevent a worker from performing duties safely and effectively.
In-depth consultations, written forensic reports, and court deposition or testimony that provides an expert opinion on a subject’s psychological/emotional adjustment, causality factors, intervention needs, simulated impairment/malingering scenarios, and more.
Psychological assessments to screen out and screen in candidates based on characteristics that relate to essential job functions.
Customized mental health wellness initiatives to foster support-and-sustain programming as well as quick-response contacts after a critical incident.
Evidence-based procedures and standardized tools are used to evaluate individuals' potential danger to themselves or others, employers or communities.
One-on-one psychological support helps employees navigate the effects of a natural disaster, workplace violence or other traumatic event.
Comprehensive assessments to evaluate current and prospective officers' and employees' ability to manage the stress and demands of their role.

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